Yes It’s True….!

Good Wednesday evening you all, I haven’t posted too much because I was working my ass off. I was getting everyone’s house cleaned for Christmas, we had our end of the year party with my mentoring group (Diamonds & Pearls, and I just decided I needed to rest. It was so busy leading up to Christmas by the time the day arrived I was exhausted as hell. All I wanted to do was rest my little feet and back. So how was everybody’s holiday so far… surprisingly mines was very good, I spent the day opening and playing with the new gifts hubby gave me. I got the Alexa Show and the Alexa Plus, also a really neat printer that prints photos. Of course the first pic I printed was of my cute little grandson, I love him so much and can’t wait to see him. Other than that it was a pretty good Christmas, I did get sad for a bit! Sad because I didn’t get to see my son for Christmas, and this will be the last time I see him until February. I can’t take seeing him off to that place. His girlfriend will be dropping him off on January 2nd, at that time he will have to turn himself in and be processed. They think it will be 5 weeks before I hear from him, I don’t know how my nerves are going to handle this. So I did survive Christmas, but I’m totally worried about the New Year, not to mention the 31st is my wedding anniversary. So I’m trying to throw myself into all kinds of projects just to stay busy.  I really feel I can get through this if I have myself surrounded by lots of friends and my hubby. So I’m not going to dwell too much on it, I have decided to start a FB group for support to moms who are in my situation. I just really want a place for them to share their concerns, prayers, and happy stories. I know that there will be some rough times, I’m just going to keep my head clear and my God near. Chat Soon…

Ms. Fran



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