My Temperament vs. His πŸ˜’

So tonight was mentor night with my group Diamond and Pearls, and I wrote last week we were discussing temperaments. Well as you all know my ass is a extrovert πŸ˜‚ and hubby is an introvert. Now I know why sometimes we straight clash and for a while I just couldn’t understand that. On last week we learn about the 4 temperaments: Choleric, Sanquine, Melancholic, and Phlegmatic!

Choleric: proud, extroverted, alphas

Sanquine: boisterous, bubbly, chatty, openly emotional

Melancholic: emotionally sensitive

Phlegmatic; meek, submissive, like to please others

So that’s all of them in a nut shell, and tonight I found out my hubby is such a Phlegmatic introvert. I always wondered why he hates talking, shy, and never likes to argue. Found out tonight they usually like to live in peace. This was so interesting to me, because I found his ways totally annoying. He walks away instead of fighting. I’m usually stuck throwing things against the wall because he never gets emotional. This was so frustrating, but now I understand. This topic has been such a great topic, and I’m learning so much about myself and others. Soon nobody will bother me because I will already know how to handle them. The question is “can they handle me”? πŸ˜‚ chat soon !!!

Ms. Fran


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