Christmas Thoughts!!

Happy Tuesday, well I’ve been sitting around feeling sad and in my feelimgs, but decided to get up and just be thankful. As I look around at my life I have come a long way and I don’t plan to give up. There are so many people who won’t have family with them this year, and people who still don’t have homes to live in, and people escaping fires like crazy. It could be so much worse for these people and yet you usually see them on the news helping others. Here I am with a roof over my head, food, clothes, hell a pretty decent fucking life.I ย know you all were thinking that, just sometimes I have to think on things a little longer. So I’m going to volunteer somewhere and keep my mind off of the bad things. I know that things will be ok and I just have to get through this as well, so I’m hanging the suicide thoughts up for the rest of this year. My son seems to be in good spirits, and I don’t want to ruin that for him. So off I go to spread some holiday cheer, also my doc put me on another med to ease the anxiety for a bit. Hope it works….chat soon!!!

Ms. Fran


2 thoughts on “Christmas Thoughts!!

  1. says:

    I happy to hear that you are going to keep the suicidal thoughts at bay, as well you should. You do have a lot to be grateful for. Your son is not in jail for the rest of his life. Although it is difficult now, as I’m sure it is… He will get out. That’s a big plus right there.
    You’re a strong woman, and things will be okay. I hope your new meds work wonders too! Take Care. ๐Ÿ™‚

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