Your Depression isn’t My Depression!!!

 Let me repeat that again, “Your Depression isn’t my damn Depression”!!! Ok, so I have this friend who is beautiful, single, independent, and a great mom. I like her a lot and try my best to be there for her, if only to listen to her cry or talk. I always want to be there for any friend, because they have all been there for me. Now, this shit is getting out of hand….she has been walking around since Monday saying, “she’s depressed”. Now don’t get me wrong, I totally understand that every now and then some people will experience depression. But… to come to me and say that shit pisses me the fuck off. She actually had the nerve to say to me, “I’m coming to you, because you’ve been depressed before”. “Been depressed before”????? Hell I’m still depressed, the fucking nerve of you???? Shit I wish I had her depression, you know the kind that goes away after you eat a tub of ice cream, or screw some random guy, or the kind that goes away after shopping. I mean how stupid can one be?? My depression isn’t your depression, it’s like you still don’t fucking get it at all. I have worked hard to start recovering, but it doesn’t make my illness any less. Being depressed about some damn relationship is just crazy as hell to me, hell it’s to many men in the damn world. Try changing the color of the man you want, or try a woman, lol! Hell just don’t compare my damn depression to yours. This gets me so damn mad, but I’m going to calm down and gift her my ebook for Christmas, lol! I just don’t want people to continue mixing the depressions up, I think it’s rude and self-serving. There are too many of us out here dying, from suffering so bad. Depression isn’t the same as feeling blue, so get over yourself, put on makeup and go out and meet new man. Thanks I’m done, now back to your regular scheduled programming… soon.

Ms. Fran


9 thoughts on “Your Depression isn’t My Depression!!!

  1. tanssityttö says:

    I think she just thought that you know what it feels to be sad. (You probably know it better than most of us.) Even if it’s temporary depression it feels the same (I guess) and some of us can fall very deep to depression after break up. It’s not something you can put away just like that and find another man as you said. That’s not probably helping if you really loved your partner. It can take a lot off time and work also, sometimes even years that pain will go away.

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