I’m an Extrovert: Get Use To ItπŸ˜‰

Well if my mentor heard me say that, she would be so mad! This week like last, we are learning to love difficult people, but first we have to start with ourselves. On last week I learned that I was of choleric.

Choleric: short tempered, fast, and irritated 😀

Yep sounds about right, I learned that I can be a bit talkative and come off very rude. Hell with the people I grew up with, the only way to be was rude. But was I born this way, or did it just happen? Apparently we are born with our temperaments and from day one I guess my extroverted ass was all over the placeπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. This topic was new to me and very interesting. I also learned my hubby was an introvert, a melancholic temperament.

Melancholy: analytical, quiet, and wise

Hmmm, don’t know about that wise partπŸ˜‚but I get him now. He’s very quiet and shy like, I guess opposites attract huh!?

Hell did I actually need a class to tell me about my loud, crazy self.? I like being an extrovert, but it’s funny how depression can have you thinking your introverted. After reading all the signs of the melancholy person, I could have sworn that was me. Well it was, in my depressed state. What a great class today, soon I’ll be able to deal with all those difficult people in my life, as long as it’s on my terms😊(my choleric coming out) So I learned I’m an extrovert and I think I like me…..chat soon!!!

Ms. Fran


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