30 Days of Gratitude Day:8

Well as you can see what I’m thankful for today. Crafting has really been a stress reliever for me, although people don’t buy them, I still love making bracelets . The first time I tried making jewelry with beads was in the hospital. Yes, when I checked myself in after my last suicide attempt. One of the nurses had a crafting hour, now I was very reluctant to go, but I did and the rest is history. Funny when I made that first bracelet, my family laughed at me and called me crazy. Hmmm, makes me a little sad that they still don’t get it!!! Oh well, can’t dwell on the past or stupid people. So today I’m thankful for beads, and as you can see in the pics, I know longer have my laptop on my desk. My gosh I have no more room, might have to rent some storage space😂😂😂Pics of some of my work soon!!! Have a great night…!

Ms. Fran📿(Bead Queen)


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