30 Days of Gratitude: Day 4 & 5

Happy Sunday…well since I missed yesterday I decided to do both today. My friends granny passed and I wanted to hang out with him and the family. Which brings me to why I’m so thankful, I’m thankful for good friends who then turn out to be more like family. My family isn’t really close, I mean these people can make anything look good in pictures. We just have no bond at all, so it makes me kind of sad when I’m around other people, because their families seem so happy. His family also treats me with so much love, I fit right in with my white family😂There is no judgement, just love. So yesterday I was truly blessed to have him in my life. 

Now that brings me to today, I’m thankful I’m not the person I use to be. I have been so judge and mistreated by people close to me. The old me would cuss and fuss, and tell them off, but what good does that do? The new me is determined to keep these negative people and their fucking comments away from me. I know longer have to listen to their insults, and them putting me down. I know longer live to please them. My life is getting back on track, and I have no time for them pulling me back into their jealous web. I don’t understand, but oh well!! Their lost!!

Hope you all are having a great Sunday, and finding things around you to be grateful for. Chat soon….

Ms. Fran💕


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