Aww Saturday 😊

Saturday where have you been? Wow I had a long but productive week. I saw my therapist this week, had a great meeting with my mentoring group, and got lots of projects done. Today couldn’t have come fast enough, my body is completely worn out. All I want is to sleep in and watch TV all day long, but unfortunately that has to wait. I have a fashion that I’m in and I have also been ask to moderate the show as well. Yes….I get to look fabulous in front of other fabulous ladies for a good cause. Our theme for the show is Body Image, teaches all the women and girls that we as women and girls have different body types. I really thought this was an awesome topic, since for so many years I had the feeling of shame because of my looks. Depression takes so much from you, but slowly I’ve been feeling really confident. So dress shopping today with my hubby 😳😫he absolutely hates going but oh well!πŸ˜‚!!! Have a great weekend, chat soon….

Ms. Fran


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