Yeah Just Like That…..

Yeah just like that…..just like that I did decide that life has beaten me down enough. Just like that….I decided I was tired of crying, going to bed sad, and walking around all day like a zombie. I’m tired of not enjoying life, and letting the world pass me by. Although I’m not cured, I have just taken the advice of my therapist and mentors to get my ass up. Get my ass up and complete all the things I put on my list, get my ass up and get to working on making the last part of this year fucking great. And NO nothing major in my life has changed, I’m still suffering from mental illness, I still don’t have much saved up in the bank, and I still need my meds everyday. I didn’t get cured, I just decided my illness can no longer run my life. I can’t continue to sit around hoping and praying that my life magically changes, I have to also put in the damn work. Remember, “faith without works is dead”(James 2:14)” so here we go. As I release this new e-book, I’m hoping that my story helps to also turn somebody’s life around. These steps I have implemented in my life, and I’m starting to see some major results. Although I know with the ending of this year, I will be starting the new year off seeing my only child go to jail, but I need to be strong. I need to be strong for him, my grandchild, and his little family. I never thought in a million damn years that I would be the mother of a prisoner, but this is the  hand we were dealt. So I’m going to stand strong behind him, we all make mistakes and hopefully this will be a BIG damn lesson learned. Whooooo, you see with all the things on my plate, I could be sad from now into next year. So go out download or buy the book, leave reviews and tell me what you think. Chat soon, enjoy……

Ms. Fran


Your a Guide To Self Improvement 

“7 Steps To a Better You”


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