So with all the sexual assault things going on in the news, I decided I should lend my voice to this as well. As you all know I was sexually assaulted (raped) by a really close family member at the age of 12. No child should have to worry if the child she was carrying, could have been her abusers. I suffered with this  on my chest for years, I found some way to blame myself for his behavior. I found myself in the arm of men who decided to drug me and have their way. What did I know, hell I was only 12. Only 12, the age you are still playing with dolls, playing dress up, pretending to be a princess. Only 12, when the only boy I should have been dreaming about was Micheal Jackson. No, I was pregnant about to have a child at the age of 13. After telling someone about this, I was then accused of lying, making it up to smear a good man. I was accused of being grown and somehow brought this on myself. As I sit here today, I no longer feel it was my fault, I no longer feel ashamed. I’m no longer hiding this secret because my family doesn’t want to discuss it. It happened to me, you, or somebody you may know. It’s not our fault and I will no longer keep it a family thing. If I can help just one girl/woman come forward, I’ve done my job…be aware of surroundings and tell everyone you know. Don’t let them silence you….#metoo✊🏾

Ms. Fran (survivor)


12 thoughts on “#Metoo✊🏾

  1. nthaigh7 says:

    Woman you brave, you strong and I’m glad you have overcome this and I’m glad that you raised your voice andI hope you continue to conquer the world and love your child… There a few woman who would talk about it… and I’m glad you did and I admire you for that… I wish woman could stand together and support each other

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  2. Miss A says:

    I’m so sorry you had to go through this but I’m happy you are strong enough to speak out about it now. I cant believe someone just thinks that someone elses body is for their “entertainment”. Who gives them the right?
    Thanks for sharing. I wish this never happened.

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