Who said ‘Therapy’ was a bad word?🤔

Well it wasn’t me!! Had the best therapy session today, I really like her a lot. She hangs on my every word and seems genuinely interested in getting back on the right track with my life. We brought up some of the things that were bothering me, so of course I told her about my son. Guess what?? I didn’t even cry…not one tear. She told me to look on the bright side, it’s only months and not years. Also she said, the judge saw the good parenting job I did. I didn’t think about that, I spent so much time blaming myself. The judge actually said “this young man came from a good home”. So that means he also recognized my parenting, and I didn’t mess up with him. This made me feel so good, all my friends have told me this, but I just couldn’t see it. I just felt so ashamed and bewildered. We also discussed some things I had on my mind about my dad, and she just let me rant!!! Whew! I feel like a burden has been lifted off my shoulder today. She explained that no matter what anyone tells me, I’m a survivor and what was meant to harm me, actually turned out to be good. Wait let me get this straight….a survivor??? I never really saw myself as a survivor. She said “my gosh after everything you have been through”. Hmmm I’m a survivor!!! I think I like that, survivor! I think I’ll put that on my vision board so I can always look up at it. Again who said ‘therapy’ is a bad word?? Seeking help has been really good for me mentally and I’m glad I did it. Well I’m going to end the night with a smile, hope this Monday was good to you all. Chat soon….

Ms. Fran 


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