Who said ‘Therapy’ was a bad word?🤔

Well it wasn’t me!! Had the best therapy session today, I really like her a lot. She hangs on my every word and seems genuinely interested in getting back on the right track with my life. We brought up some of the things that were bothering me, so of course I told her about myContinue reading “Who said ‘Therapy’ was a bad word?🤔”

Let’s See What Monday and the Week Brings!🤔

Happy Monday…man it really comes fast doesn’t it? I guess a lot of you all are off today and kids out of school. I hate leaving my house on Monday’s 😒but have to take dad out and got a therapy appointment today. I’m kind of excited to see her, need to get some things offContinue reading “Let’s See What Monday and the Week Brings!🤔”