A Little Sunday Lesson

Woke up this morning feeling a bit sick, but mentally my mind is clear and at peace. It’s been a long time since I have felt this way like for real, really not a care right now. I slept pretty good after a little Factime with my sweet grand baby, he is growing so much. He likes looking into the phone and seeing Gigi’s big pink scarf on her head. He’s also doing lots of laughing and cooing, and eating cereal now. I’m flying down to see him for my birthday next month. As you can tell I’m totally that granny who shows his pics to everyone who ask, lol! See on the bright side of all that is going on with my family, that little baby makes it all better and we all know we have to be strong for him. I was reading a story about a daughter who complained to her father about how hard life was, and she wanted to just give up. You know like how I want to every week. Well the dad apparently used an egg, potatoes, and a coffee bean to make his point of the story which totally made no sense to me. So as I continued to read on, he explained that all of these things faced the same adversity, going into hot water. However, each reacted differently, the potatoes went in hard and came out soft, the egg went in soft and came out hard, and the coffee which started off as beans were different. After they enter the water, they decided to change and become something totally new. WOW…..he then asked her, “which one are you?” The egg, potatoe, or the coffee bean? This got me to thinking, which one am I ? For so long I have been the potatoe, every time adversity knocks on my door I became soft and weak. I know longer want to be that damn potatoe, I use to be hard on the outside able to handle just about everything. Then depression came in and took over for a while, no longer can I let that happen. So apparently the moral of the story is, when adversity knocks at the door how will we react? I really enjoyed this short lesson and will print this story off and keep it in my journal. Who knew food came with lessons? Funny it would take food to make me listen, lol (inner fat girl)… Well I will leave you all with the link to find this story, it really help me put things in perspective this morning. I’m going to continue to cast my cares on the Lord and start this wonderful Sunday. Hoping you all do the same….chat soon!

Ms. Fran


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