Several Ways to a Great Sex Life While in Depression!

For a long time now before writing this book, I have been wondering and researching ways to make my sex life better. Going through depression is hard enough on the brain, but having to come up with different ways to please your spouse is even harder. Should I play nurse tonight, naughty teacher, or theContinue reading “Several Ways to a Great Sex Life While in Depression!”

Because Mines Actually Did!!!!

Well just like I was hoping, getting out the house today was absolutely wonderful. I worked really hard today and even manage to do a lot of laughing. My clients are the best, they always make me feel so loved. They don’t treat me like the maid, but more like a really close family memberContinue reading “Because Mines Actually Did!!!!”

Let’s See What The Day Holds…😌

  It’s Thursday and I have a couple of houses today, so that gets me out the house and clears my mind. Didn’t sleep much again last night, hell when do I ever. Thinking I’m going to stay positive and shove off those nasty feelings today. Feeling sorry for myself is so draining😫I saw thisContinue reading “Let’s See What The Day Holds…😌”