And That’s Not a Bad Thing!

Greetings bloggers, since I have decided to steer my energy away from my depressed self. I have a really had a good couple of days, I met with my therapist and I go back again today. So this week is shaping up to be pretty good. With that being said, since I have been focusing lately, I have decided that there is still so much to learn. I’m still learning about myself, family, and my spiritual life. Yesterday, I did a little revamping to my social media. I’ve decided I will know longer post my blog, online store, or quotes on my personal FB page. On that page I learned that most of the people on that page are lookers, but not supporters. I have had tons of people who order from my online stores, but would never actually praise me on their page. Behind the scenes they are totally happy, or at least that’s what they say. So I have decided to just leave those people on that page, in order for me to grow my tribe, I need to be around like-minded people. People that support not just by buying something, but with encouraging words. I’m also learning that, if they don’t constantly praise me that’s ok. I’m my own cheerleader and I don’t have to wait around for people to appreciate me. I’m learning that it feels so much better to look ahead than backwards. I spend so much time criticizing myself for I what I didn’t do, then praising the new things I have accomplished. So yes I’m still learning and that’s ok! I’m learning that when God said ‘No’, that doesn’t mean He doesn’t care. I’m also learning that it’s a lot easier to waste time than it is to find time. I spent all that time sleeping or staring at the TV getting nothing done, this week I decided to forgo the naps and invest some time in me. I’m learning that at the age 40 my best years are still to come. I always think I’m getting to old to start over. I’m learning that people nomatter what will always have shit to say, hell I could be on the Forbes list and they would complain. I’m learning that there is more to me than just my depressed self. I’m learning that I need God more and more each day. Even with the little stuff, like just asking for strength to get through the day. I’m learning that you’re opinion of me doesn’t fucking matter, hell I like me and that’s all that counts. LOL Well you all get the picture, I’m still learning and that’s ok!!! Chat soon…. follow my new FB page!

Ms. Fran



Ms. Fran 

Fun Fact about Essential Oils😊


Hello so by now some of you know I’ve been dibbling and dabbling in Essential Oils. I’ve made so many sprays and bath salts is crazy, lol! I’m really feeling how they make me feel. Last week was a horrible week, but by the time I got into my Eucalyptus and Sweet Orange bath, I slept like a baby. It also does wonderful things to relieve my chronic pain, if only for a little while. With that being said, head over and check out my site…chat soon!

Ms. Fran😊🛍

Prayers For Texas ❤️

This morning all I could do was cry, no not because I’m sad, but happy and blessed. As I look at the pictures coming out of  Texas my heart aches. I’m reminded this morning that my problems are nowhere near as bad. I can only imagine what it’s like to lose everything, no food, clothes, everything.! This week I choose to set my problems aside, and continue praying for those out there in need in Texas. The Lord is their comfort…..

Ms. Fran🙏🏽

A Little Sunday Motivation 😊

Happy Sunday, not much going on today! I’m finally at my desk trying to get some things done. So far so good!😊 It’s beautiful outside, to bad I’m not feeling up to being out there. Just going to focus on my work inside, I got to get ready for my big yard sale this coming Saturday. This has been very relaxing and sad at the same time. Looking through all my old junk and seeing things that remind me of happier times. That then depresses me, but I just toss it away and move on. You can tell a lot about yourself and life by the junk you keep. Holding on to the past isn’t good for me anymore. Well not going to be a ‘debbie downer’😌hope you all have the best Sunday. Relax mentally and get prepared for a new week….chat soon!!!

Ms. Fran💕