Having Birthday Blues🎉😔

Ok NO, it’s not my birthday, it’s my moms! I’m suppose to take her out to dinner today, but I’m so dreading it. See every time I’m around mom something bad happens, or we end up fussing. Now, I love the old gal a lot. Sometimes I think she purposely tries to sabotage me. MyContinue reading “Having Birthday Blues🎉😔”

Terrific Tuesday😊🎉

Love this quote, because I’m always hoping a miracle is on it’s way to me! I’m feeling pretty good, got some things accomplished yesterday and started more today. Also it’s my moms birthday 🎉 so I get a chance to get all dressed up and take her to dinner. I’ll definitely share some pics. HopingContinue reading “Terrific Tuesday😊🎉”