Cooking while Depressed is Bad😲🍽

Substituting food for alcohol is bad, and I’ve been trying to stay away from both. Today as I posted earlier, I made 6 Cheese Penne Pasta for my son. This dish is full of cream and cheeses, which I love so much!😍 I have been eating a little more lately and it’s getting pretty awful.Continue reading “Cooking while Depressed is Bad😲🍽”

Trying to Keep My Shit Together while Depressed!

So I have been sitting around the house trying to find things to do and to my surprise I found myself back in bed today. Told myself I would cook something fun, clean out a closet, and then finish working on my many projects. Well that didn’t go to well today, and I’m a littleContinue reading “Trying to Keep My Shit Together while Depressed!”

Monday Motivation….

Awww Monday…..we meet again, but this time I’m prepared for what you bring to me. Trying to have motivation while being depressed is a task, because you’re trying to wait for the energy to return. I’m up and made it into my office, looked around trying to decided what the game plan is for today.Continue reading “Monday Motivation….”