10 Stats That Prove Mental Health Treatment Needs More Attention

http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/mental-health-treatment-stats_us_59035afee4b0bb2d086d9271 Good article, it’s a shame we still have so far to go! Mental Health needs more attention…..

If You’re Suicidal, Staying Alive Is The Most Selfless Thing To Do

https://theestablishment.co/if-youre-suicidal-staying-alive-is-the-most-selfless-thing-you-can-do-a3b30d59505a Such a great read, about the other side of being suicidal! On Thursday the thoughts of suicide was on my mind heavy, all I could think about was my son and how selfish it would be to leave him. But on the other hand, I’m fighting a selfless battle everyday! I struggle and tryContinue reading “If You’re Suicidal, Staying Alive Is The Most Selfless Thing To Do”

Grab Your Copy For Only .99! For The Month Of May!

In honor of Mental Health Awareness Month, I will offer my ebook for .99 so you all can read and share with friends. I still believe that there are people out there who are afraid to speak out or tell their story. We can no longer let them suffer in silence, grab a copy ofContinue reading “Grab Your Copy For Only .99! For The Month Of May!”

Mental Health Awareness Month!

Good morning, it’s May and the start of Mental Health Awareness Month. I will be flooding my FB, Instagram, Twitter and WP with useful information for those who still don’t believe Mental Health is an illness. After suffering and being diagnosed, I wouldn’t wish the fight I have with my brain on anybody. This diseaseContinue reading “Mental Health Awareness Month!”