If all else fails cook🤗🍽

So I spent my day being very productive, made my bed and didn’t get back in it!! Hive five for me👋🏽 I visited dad, took care of my errands and then decided I wanted to cook! Let me back up, for brief moment right after my post this morning. The devil decided to move inContinue reading “If all else fails cook🤗🍽”

As We Come To End Of May and Mental Health Month!

As we come to the end of Mental Health Awareness Month, let’s keep in mind that so many still don’t seek help. While being scared to come forward, stigma and discrimination plays a big role! If you have taken anything away from my posts, please seek help or help a friend/family too. There’s nothing weakContinue reading “As We Come To End Of May and Mental Health Month!”

Wednesday Wisdom!

Good morning bloggers, so overnight since I didn’t sleep again some new ideas were twirling around in my mind. I will be taking my blog in a different direction for just a little while, I will now walk you all through my day as I try to self-heal. One of the things I have decidedContinue reading “Wednesday Wisdom!”