Made it Through Another Monday..but then!!!

Ahhh I made it through another Monday….but then! Of course something has to happen or it wouldn’t be a Ms. Fran Monday. Well I wouldn’t say what happened was any cause for alarm and no it didn’t make me get to bent out of shape, but I almost killed 2 people. My Boys!!! So here we go, surprisingly Monday started off pretty good and I even woke up in a good mood. It is Spring Break for the kiddos and I’m supposed to be at work all day at the daycare. (8:30-6:30) Now, I have put in my notice to them that I wouldn’t work past June. This was a hard decision, but I really need to make some money to get out of this damn hole. Well I got to work today and they had someone in the classroom for me, they thought I was coming back as of today. They were happy to see me and ask was I changing my mind, sadly I said NO! Anywho, I stayed and worked with the other teacher until 2. So I got off early and decided to come home to relax, then I decided I would give my house a good clean. People who know me, know that I try to keep a clean house. I’m very OCD so I don’t have much build up of dirt, dust, or mold and mildew. I have always loved cleaning since I was a child, but lately my duties have gotten away from me. Well I started cleaning in my office then my hall bathroom where my new tenantย is (my son). Lord to my surprise this damn boy hasn’t been cleaning my damn bathroom, I mean mold all over the damn shower curtain. I mean just straight nasty ass hell! Like I haven’t taught him a damn thing about cleaning. After cleaning my ass off, I then moved upstairs to our 3rd floor where my hubby mancave is, and to my damn surprise it looked like a tornado hit it. They literally just sit there and don’t clean anything. Then they have the nerve to say, “all you do is sleep”!! Of course because neither one of them are the cause of some of my damn depression. *Blank Stare* I can’t believe how they treat me??? I work my ass off everyday for everybody else, I’m taking care of them, dad, and trying to heal…but noooooo it’s not enough. I’m being pulled in all directions, trying to help myself get better and everybody just looks at me like I’m crazy. I’m sick, not lazy!!! For those who know me, know I do so much for both of them and have once one time before gone on strike. I think I have to teach their ass another lesson. I’m tired, I’m sick, it physically takes a lot out of me lately to even get out of bed. When I do get out of bed, I’m cooking these amazing dinners and breakfast feast. I’m constantly answering questions, writing emails, worrying, cleaning, crying, and being there for them. Nothing… I get us nothing! Well………. I took a pause from typing to walk the pup outside, as I broke down crying downstairs…guess who I saw outside. Lol that damn frog! I mean you have got to be freaking kidding me, he was there in the dark by the mailbox like I didn’t notice. I seriously can’t even type anymore, this shit is so baffling to me. I think I’m going completely nuts….ok I need a drink! Chat soon……..y’all know how I feel about them frogs!!!!

Ms. Fran(Ms. Underappreciated)

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