Love My Friday Nights 😍🍷

Wow what a week! I survived another one y’all!! Feeling pretty good tonight, prayed about my little situation yesterday and will see how it plays out. Tonight all I’m going to do is relax, all out of my bath essentials so no relaxing bath😔! Oh well my wine and movies will do just fine, hubbyContinue reading “Love My Friday Nights 😍🍷”

Sinking like a Ship – Invisible Illness – Medium What a great article, depression effects everyone differently! No, just because I’m on a step of recovery doesn’t mean I’m not sick anymore! We all have different ways of healing and I plan on doing it my way! Lately it’s been therapeutic to read that I’m not alone in this!! Ms. Fran

Oh Friday Love ❤️ 

Good afternoon good people, it’s Friday and I’m ready for the weekend. I have made a to-do list for myself to keep my mind busy. I decided to try some crafting and consignment shopping this weekend. Spring is here, the house hasn’t had my special touch in a long time. I have neglected my houseContinue reading “Oh Friday Love ❤️ “

Grab Your Copy!

Depression is a disease that has become sort of an epidemic in recent years and is particularly prevalent in African-American men/women. In this book, you will be given an inside view of what it is like to struggle against this debilitating condition. It’s a true story, of how one woman has battled against depression, withoutContinue reading “Grab Your Copy!”

Making Decisions after You have prayed for something God gave you! 

Last night I went to bed pretty earlier after feeling bad all day. While driving I had a small attack, and I think my BP was sky high. After a bit of rest, I woke up about 2 a.m. with so much on my mind. I’m still trying to figure out my life, and afterContinue reading “Making Decisions after You have prayed for something God gave you! “