Sinking like a Ship – Invisible Illness – Medium What a great article, depression effects everyone differently! No, just because I’m on a step of recovery doesn’t mean I’m not sick anymore! We all have different ways of healing and I plan on doing it my way! Lately it’s been therapeutic to read that I’m not alone in this!! Ms. Fran

Oh Friday Love ❤️ 

Good afternoon good people, it’s Friday and I’m ready for the weekend. I have made a to-do list for myself to keep my mind busy. I decided to try some crafting and consignment shopping this weekend. Spring is here, the house hasn’t had my special touch in a long time. I have neglected my houseContinue reading “Oh Friday Love ❤️ “

Grab Your Copy!

Depression is a disease that has become sort of an epidemic in recent years and is particularly prevalent in African-American men/women. In this book, you will be given an inside view of what it is like to struggle against this debilitating condition. It’s a true story, of how one woman has battled against depression, withoutContinue reading “Grab Your Copy!”