Having Hope After a Bad Day With Depression | The Mighty

https://themighty.com/2017/03/hope-bad-day-depression/ So glad I’m not alone in feeling this way, some days I’m and the next I’m down! This week has definitely been a down week! Feeling like I can’t go on, then the next week shows up and I’m back up and running! So exhausting 😔 Ms. Fran

It’s Friday and Guess What?? I’m tired….

Good afternoon all, it’s Friday and all I want to do is stay in bed. I was thinking about not coming to work, but I thought about my pitiful paycheck, lol!!! This week was hard, much like most of my weeks. I’m so tired of being tired, I have no energy at all today. TheContinue reading “It’s Friday and Guess What?? I’m tired….”

Just Making Through the Day!

Good evening good people, finally took some time to sit down at my desk to check emails and stuff. Physically my body is just so tired, I’m dragging through out the day and can barely keep my eyes open. Emotionally I’m no good either, just on this roller coaster ride of emotions. It’s finally ThursdayContinue reading “Just Making Through the Day!”

How These Psychologists Are Prioritizing Mental Health Care For Black America

http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2017/03/24/how-these-psychologists-are-prioritizing-mental-health-care-for-black-america_n_15662970.html What a great article, we as black people have to do better at spreading the word about mental health in our communities! Love the skit these two do, they do a great job at bringing awareness to our communities. Check it out!!! Ms. Fran

On A Lighter Note 📝 

With everything I have going on these last two days, I forgot to mention something good I decided to do. Now, y’all know I’m trying my best to stay positive and keep my spirits up. So this weekend was good, but just one thing kept bothering me! When it came time to go shopping, IContinue reading “On A Lighter Note 📝 “