I matter and so should my mental health!! Needless to say I contacted my insurance company and she tried to beat around the bush! So I ask flat out do you all cover behavioral health??? Well no they don’t and she said I should contact the company I work for!!! So now I’m pissed off 😡 even more!!! How do I get the help I need, if you want help me??? I intend to speak with someone in corporate and if that means losing my job so be it! I can’t be the only child care teacher experiencing some type of mental illness! Why is this not covered like Cancer and so many other illnesses?? My anxiety level is super high!!! This makes me sick to my stomach and she had the nerve to tell me to just go check in somewhere! *blank stare*😳 Now exactly where the hell should I go b**tch😒!!!?? Can you believe she just threw me off just like that, oh well I made it to work and ask the director to call corporate!!! I will not let this slide, and even if they fire me at least I would have stood up for what I believe in period!!!! Stay tuned…..

Ms. Fran😠