Had a great conversation over FB with a friend who knew me for a while. She listened to me rant about my illness and how hard it is to get help. To my surprise she didn’t judge me or say stupid things like “you need to stop drinking”. She listened and gave me words of encouragement, I’m not the person I use to be. With this friend it didn’t matter, because she has known that I was and continue to be a Warrior. Sometimes all we want is understanding, I’m not able to explain how I hurt. We don’t judge Cancer patients, or someone with a broken leg! So why me??? Why can’t I have the same sympathy? Point blank both diseases kill and both are unbearable to cope with. I’m not looking for a pity party or for donations!! I just want a little understanding and compassion without judgement! I want to thank this friend, she made my day and it didn’t take much!! My other friend called this morning and told me how pretty I looked this weekend. Words can make or break you, so glad I have these friends in my life. I can only hope after I’m all better, that I’m just as good to them too!!!

Ms. Fran🤗

Not feeling it today!🤔

I’m in a grouchy mood this morning, because I only received about an hour worth of sleep!! The Meds didn’t work and I’m feeling all sluggish! Hubby slept in the bed last night, which pisses me off when I have to be up early!!! He snores constantly, so I’m stuck looking up at the damnContinue reading “Not feeling it today!🤔”