Hope all of you are enjoying the day, did get a little pep in my step today!!! Anytime I get to visit my eyelash lady, I’m all smiles!👍🏽😀So I’m just going to hold on and try to enjoy the rest of this day…chat soon!!

Ms. Fran

4 Ways to Stop Comparing Yourself to Others — MakeItUltra™

Written by Charu (FRA) Founder of: WaveringParisian Before I started therapy, I obsessively compared myself to others all the time. Subconsciously, I allocated a status to every person I spoke to and in most cases I saw myself as inferior to them. This is called inferiority complex and it was the driving force of myContinue reading “4 Ways to Stop Comparing Yourself to Others — MakeItUltra™”

Daily Dose of Inspiration – Keep Trying — Be Inspired..!!

IF YOU’RE FEELING LIKE ‘GIVING UP’, IT’S TIME TO CHECK IN WITH YOURSELF! I know we want certain things and it’s frustrating when we don’t have them. Our mind will get attached to specifics. It will convince you certain things are absolutely necessary for your happiness or are the exact thing you want or need […]Continue reading “Daily Dose of Inspiration – Keep Trying — Be Inspired..!!”