Christmas Is Gone!

Hello world, I’m back up at my desk after a great Christmas with my boys. We slept most of the day because I am still feeling bad and I tried to fight it, but this cold has taking over my body. It feels like the flu but not sure since I haven’t gone to doctors. Any who, Christmas has come and gone and now I’m stuck with taking down all the decorations. As the decorations come down, so does my spirit I no longer have to continue being merry. Reality has set in again that the end of 2016 is coming and I still haven’t found my purpose for being here. I think about my failures, and hopes for accomplishments, but at times it can feel dark and sad. I wonder how long I will stay in this holiday funk? I wonder if I’m the only person who is feeling this way? Being sick just made me think about my life over and over again. Then the anxiety sets in and I feel rushed, confused, and disappointed. This week I will have to really pull it together because my mind is only going to be focused on what I haven’t accomplished this year. I’m my worst enemy and critic, I constantly get so upset at myself all the time. This puts so much strain on me, oh well I will come out alright I guess. I still have time to finish my goals and find my purpose. Chat soon……

Ms. Fran


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  1. If you start feeling worse, please go see a doctor. I can tell that you’re a wonderful person, try not to be so hard on yourself. Think really hard about what you want to do and hopefully you’ll find your purpose in life. ❤❤

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  2. It seems to be working now, but I was only able to access through your gravatar section and not clicking your name. Hope you feel better soon, my youngest spent Christmas in bed after coming down with a heavy cold, so I could imagine how you’re feeling. I agree with purplebutterfly, if you feel any worse see a doctor asap!

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