Having one of my moments!!!

Well I stayed up after getting up so early this morning, and walked the pup pretty earlier. Got back in the car and just cried, had a moment of despair and frustration. I’m dizzy, head hurts, heart racing and I can’t breathe!!! I knew then I was having a anxiety attack, but why??? Well IContinue reading “Having one of my moments!!!”

Good early morning been up since 4, slept pretty good after my little rant last night!!! Got up early because I couldn’t go back to sleep!! I have so much on my mind and I need to just breathe. It’s coming down to the last weeks of 2016 and I feel anxious! 😩 So I’m going to take this advice for today, because I’m jumping all the way ahead to next week and I’m already worried!!! Chat soon!!!

Ms. Fran

Trying to Forgive is Hard, should I have to?

Hey there, hope all of you are well tonight. Needed to get something off my chest….have you ever hated someone so bad it hurts????? I mean I have disliked this person for several years and literally I have prayed about it. This person is a thorn in my side and no one really knows this,Continue reading “Trying to Forgive is Hard, should I have to?”