Mid-Day Thinking!!

Greetings, just woke up from a very short nap with yet more things on my mind. I was sitting at my desk before going to work with the kiddos, when I start thinking about my on son. He seems pretty bummed out over what he clearly did to himself, but how can I boost hisContinue reading “Mid-Day Thinking!!”

29 DAYS TO POSITIVE MIND SET ! — theutopiauniverse

When we really understand how true the above quote is, we would never have another negative thought, not as our main thought, anyway, we are all human and it is impossible to not have a negative thought, but there is a big difference in thinking 24/7 in negative mode, as to the occasional thought ! […]Continue reading “29 DAYS TO POSITIVE MIND SET ! — theutopiauniverse”

5 Awesome Meditation Classes to Take This Month — BayArt

As someone who has finished more than 100 (currently at about 123) classes on Skillshare, I’ve seen both the best and the worst of the courses offered on the site. Luckily, there are very few of the latter – Skillshare is bursting at the seams with quality content. Unfortunately, this means that sifting through all… viaContinue reading “5 Awesome Meditation Classes to Take This Month — BayArt”

Well today I kept telling myself this, it will get better! Wow, I made it through a Monday and every thing it tried to throw at me! I enjoyed my kiddos today and they keep me laughing!! Oh I finally decided to let my friends make plans for my bday, I guess I won’t rob them of the chance to love all over me for a day!! 🤗I’m trying really hard to this week to get the negative thoughts away from my mind!! This week it’s all about me and nobody but me!!! So I will put my big girl pants on and stay Strong!!! Wish me luck….hoping you all had an awesome day!!! Chat soon!

Ms. Fran 💋