That’s How I’m Feeling Today!!

Had a pretty good morning, running errands and doing housework. I was supposed to go to a Work Pininic but just don’t feel like mixing with people I don’t know and trying to hide my feelings. They seem like pretty nice people, but I never mix work with pleasure at all! So to the groceryContinue reading “That’s How I’m Feeling Today!!”

Super excited about this, because I finally stayed consistent to my blog! Thanks to all of you who find my life amusing, lol!!! Thanks to old and new followers, I’m not the best writer but I get my point across, hoping it helps someone else!! Yay😀

Good early morning, wow went to sleep about 8 o’clock last night! My head, feet, brain and hip was hurting so bad. I just keep thinking I’m going into my 40’s a broken mess. I just be so exhausted mentally and physically, not wanting to do anything but hit my bed! What a way to spend a Friday night but oh well! So it’s Saturday morning about 2 a.m. my time and I’m up! Thinking I should get up and try to finish this book, while my brain isn’t frozen. So I’m going to try and make this a great day. My son is coming home sometime this weekend, so I’m extremely happy and sad at the same time!!! More on that later….stay tuned!!!

Ms. Fran🤗