Happy Election Day bloggers, wow it’s finally here!! If you like me this has been a long damn election cycle and I need several cocktails 🍹!!! I’m up early standing in a long line but I feel the need to do this!! Super upset with my hubby and son who for stupid ass reasons are not voting today!!!😡Oh well like my post said they can’t complain!!! Hope you all are up and out voting for whoever you like!!! Enjoy the day, chat soon!!!

Ms. Fran🤗

Hey 3:00 a.m., it’s me again!!! Of course I’m up and thinking again! Found this quote and thought I should really take this to the head. I can’t control everything, but I feel the need to try! Trying to make things happen, when I just can’t!!!😔 And that worries me so much!!! Things should be in order in my life and there not! I wonder do others feel this way, or is it just me???? I try and do what’s right only to come up empty, then I look around at others and they haven’t put the effort in!!! Somehow these people come out alright, smh! What could I be doing wrong???? There goes my overthinking mind again!!!🤔Let me get myself some rest, I hope the lines aren’t long for voting today!!! Either way my butt is there for the long haul!!! Chat soon!!!

Ms. Fran💋