16 days and counting!!

Good morning bloggers, I’m up and ready to start this day got a house to clean than off to the daycare. My mind is trying to stay positive but you know how it gets. Every time I want to be happy and joyful, depression tries to cram its way in. Depression is like that old boyfriendContinue reading “16 days and counting!!”

Hey there bloggers, about to lay it down for the night. Sleeping well at night thanks to the meds, so no late night ramblings. Going to rest my brain because it was on overload today. My bday is in 17 days and although I’m excited, I can’t help but be sad. Sad and disappointed that I’m not where I want to be by 40. I’m dwelling on my past mistakes and why things have not worked out, now my anxiety level is sky high!!!

Oh well 😔 it is what it is!!! Have a great night friends! Chat soon! Ms. Fran💋