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So who all have their birthdays in between October 23 to November 21? Cheer out loud as Scorpio month has arrived and all you sexy sizzling scorpios can totally expect a rocking month which is just made for you. Feel Good! Scorpio is the 8th sign of the zodiac and very strong,passionate,ardent and zealous in […]Continue reading “Scorpio Zodiac and it’s traits you never knew! — GirlandWorld!”

Good morning friends, ok I’m up on my soap box about that article I posted earlier. How someone like Drake could be so cruel to diss Kid Cudi because of his mental illness and that pisses me off! Again for the dumb asses out there just because you don’t see it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. You think you strong because you don’t suffer, NO we are strong for coming out even though we know you dumb assess want get it! Drake should be ashamed of his self, and every friend and family member too. Mental illness is real and I applaud Kid Cudi for getting help and putting it out there for the world to see. Now that this is off my chest, I hope you all have a Terrific Tuesday, still not feeling well but will get through the day! Chat soon!

Ms. Fran☺️

There is No Shame in Needing Medication to Manage Mental Illness — MakeItUltra™

Written by MakeItUltra™ Contributor: Caitlyn K., MA. Founder of: Living Without Limits ~ Be Positive, Be Confident I am a high-functioning person living with mental illness, but this doesn’t mean I’m totally asymptomatic. One of the things I struggle most with is impulse control. I have horrible impulse control. When I want it, I wantContinue reading “There is No Shame in Needing Medication to Manage Mental Illness — MakeItUltra™”