I love this quote, because I do get a kick out of making sure nobody goes around feeling like me! I’m going through a rough time but will continue to look out for others!!

Making My Happiness — BayArt

“Don’t wait around for other people to be happy for you. Any happiness you get you’ve got to make yourself.” ~Alice Walker I’m no longer waiting around for happiness. I’ve taken it into my own hands. I’m making it for myself. Life is too short to live life unhappily. I’ve already learned so many valuable… viaContinue reading “Making My Happiness — BayArt”

Good Sunday morning, was up earlier and went back to sleep only to over sleep! Wanted to go to church this morning, but that sleep just came down on me. I’m so exhausted and aggravated with this no sleep thing. Well made it to dads, he’s pretty talkative today, 😂! He likes to bring up his old stories and lord about all the women he had in his life. I just let him talk and talk, Lol kind of funny. So I will leave here and try to rest today, watch some football and make some chilli. I love that the weather is getting cool. Big pots of soup and pajamas all day!!! Hope you all have a great Sunday! Chat soon!

Ms. Fran🤗