Hello there up again, well at least it’s Friday and I get to rest this weekend! Yeah Right!! I got up out the bed and came to my desk to write, because I absolutely hate the Iphone WordPress app or maybe I need to learn how to work the damn thing. Sitting here in theContinue reading

Well what a day, I spent 2 hours more with the kiddos today! Whoo, Lol so glad I only had 1 damn kid. I felt like pulling the weave out😬, I so need a massage 💆🏽 and a 🍸. OK so I’m tripping how they got black emojis on here, lol too cute. So like the quote said, I smiled a lot today because I just didn’t want to be sad. Home now and trying to go to bed early and pray for sleep. My head hurts and bones too, I guess my 40’s starting sink in. Hoping you all had a great day! Chat soon!

Ms. Fran💕