My attitude just freaking sticks now!!

Hey there bloggers, wow another long day today with my kiddos! I’m loving the new job and glad just for a couple hours it takes my mind off shit! Talk with my son today and now we are in a phase of trying to get him back on track. What’s funny to me is, he’s got so many people in his ear who don’t even have their life straight. I know what’s best for him, I will be the only one he listens to, because I don’t sugar coat shit. He needs to find a damn job so he won’t end up like me or my damn family. Talk with my mom tonight and lord knows I love her, but she told me don’t kill myself working so many jobs!!! WTF???? Shit I’m broke because I had to cut my life short to take care of a parent. A parent, we don’t think that should happen until their damn near 80. No, I doing that with both now and don’t get it confused that I mind but damn! I’m cleaning houses and teaching because I had a damn lifestyle, she said don’t kill myself by working. Well where the hell where you when I wanted to kill myself because I was sick with a disease you don’t believe? I’m sorry I just don’t want to be 60 years old, sitting home watching Maury. Hell my dream is to be blogging and traveling until I’m damn near dead, lol! I was already pissed because the VA lady is stealing my dad’s money, but now I’m in full panic attack mode. Got to pop a pill and drink a class of wine. Good Grief, and people wonder why I’m so damn mean. Evaluate your life and tell me if you like where you are. I don’t and if I die working, please bury me in my Jimmy Choos and a cute wig after you pick up my last check!!! Sorry I just had to rant , hoping you all had a great day! Chat soon!

Ms. Fran ๐Ÿ’‹

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