Now I’m done for the day, a little wine bottle craft for my sweet friend! Going to add fresh flowers to them and sit them on the table!!! Hope he likes them!!! Wow what a day!!!!! I had fun and it cleared my mind for a bit!!! Chat soon!!!

Ms. Fran

Mid-day crafting, just finished a vision board for my cousin and she loves it!!! Stay tuned more crafts to come!!!! Hope you all are having a pleasant day!! I’m watching scary movies 🎥, lol now I’m walking around freaking out every time I hear a noise!!! Chat soon!!!

Ms. Fran🎃

Well just finish eating dinner, cooked me a big Sunday dinner for myself!!! Put all these creams on and took my meds! Saw this quote and decided I can care less if no one cares, I’m just going to continue to be me!!! Because You don’t matter!! Belly is full, now to watch some football 🏈!! Chat soon friends!!!

Ms. Fran😀

Well here I am up and overthinking as usual! It’s getting so hard to make my friends and spouse understand how I feel. I’m sitting here just wishing this would all go away! I’m up, down, confused, scared 😳 all at the same time. I want to cry but won’t, want to just feel normal again. My body is itching so bad from this rash, I just want to pour on a bottle of Calamine lotion all over me. Good grief, smh!! First think in the morning I’m head to Urgent Care, they have seen me so much this past year I feel embarrassed to go. Oh well I’ll chat soon!!

Ms. Fran😔