I’m praying it does!

I’ve been on this difficult road for 2 1/2 years. And so ready to see where it leads me. Ready to see what my future holds. This road has been bumpy, rocky and crooked but I manage to stay on it without falling off. Some day I will look back on this difficult season andContinue reading “I’m praying it does!”

Positive Vibes!

 Good morning all, so glad I got out the house today. Here at dad’s and he’s in a very good mood which makes me feel good!  Was feeling blue yesterday but going to see what today brings!! Have a great day folks…… Ms. Fran 😄

How Can I Explain!

How can I explain why I feel so blue? How can I explain why I cry like I do? How can I explain the feelings inside?  How can I explain wanting die? How can I explain my life to you?  How can I explain why I feel like I do? Ms. Fran 😔